Tank's data are displayed in list and plan view. They are separated by tank kinds whereby multiple tank kind may be selected and a list of all tanks of such selected tank kinds will be diaplayed. It is possible to work on multiple tanks at once and after any tank content change all vessel's resulting parameters will be recalculated immediately. Dependent window's contents (f.e. container plan window with visibility line displayed) become actualized after any result change.

Different setups for free surface moments are possible either to multiple tanks or individual for a single tank. A slider is available to change tank(s) content to adjust to a required draft, trim and angle of heel.

In list views and on printouts the colums and their order can be setup according user's requirements. An export to text files (csv= comma separated value) and to EDIFACT TANSTA messages including tank names mapping in both directions, export and import, is supported.

On selection, possible in the list and the plan, of multiple tanks it's content and resulting values (weight, centers of gravity etc.) will be summarized immediately and displayed in column headers.

An interface to retrieve tank content data from gauging systems is available. Supported protocols are NMEA183 and may be programmed according gauging systems suppliers/ manufacturers own protocols. Hardware interfaces supported are serial (synchron or asynchron mode), network or text files.




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