Container Cargo

The first vessels equipped with our Cargo Assistant ship loading program are container vessels. The container cargo part is the most comprehensive and ambitious of Cargo Assistant. It supports extensive data abstraction and filtering of container data. Spreadsheet like container tables can be adjusted by user preferences. Further the container part supports the following stowage checking and verification possibilities:

  • stack weight limits including dynamic stackweight limits taking into account acceleration and ship's motion and 20ft container stowed into holds with 40ft cell guides.
  • stack height limits in holds and on deck (f.e. below crane's jib)
  • stowage of container with sizes to locations which are not designed for such.
  • reefer container locations
  • heavy over light
  • >= 40ft container stowed on top of container for which the corners do not fit
  • stowage of >= 40ft container on top of 20ft stacks where the hight level differs
  • restow check taking the schedule of the voyage into account
  • forces acting on container and lashings
  • visibility line (IMO/ SOLAS, Panama)
  • dangerous goods segregation taking into account latest IMDG Amdt. requirements and individual properties of hazardous substances. Further vessel's certificate of compliance for the carriage of dangerous goods is supported.


The user interface of Cargo Asstistant supports different kinds of container stowage plans and container lists and container between plans and lists can be handled (copied, stowed, moved) by cut/ copy&paste and drag&drop operations.

To interact with other systems like terminal operating systems and container stowage planning software used by planning offices Cargo Assistant supports the EDIFACT formats BAPLIE, MOVINS and COPRAR for im- and export. Further container lists can be stored into text files (CSV= comma separated values).

Container plans are available in three different formats:

  1. bay plan
    Bay Plan

  2. compartment plan

  3. letter plan (general plan)

All plans and container lists support container filtering which can be setup individually. Stowage cell's content and container list's columns are adjustable on size and content by user's demands.


It is available a lashing module with support to apply default lashings according the cargo securing manual or manually either on single container directly inside the plans by point and click or thru popup menues or on multiple container with a single command.


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