1. draft and trim
  2. stability
  3. longitudinal strengh
  4. visibility (IMO/ Solas, Panama) for actual draught and trim and blind sectors
  5. stability/ GM verification taking multiple requirements into account like damage, deck cargo etc.

The resulting values will be calculated immediately after any load change and a counter check for limiting values will be performed. Limiting values, among others, include:

  1. draft dependent of the draft limiting zone previously choosen by the user
  2. KG/ GM taking into account criteria like damage stability, wind lateral area (deck cargo), deck to water, grain shifting moments limiting values, draft and trim, weather criterion (res. 749- 18) and many more.
  3. longitudinal strength as defined by classification societies



Comprehensive results overview window separated into sections for voyage data, ship data, weights and moments, draft and trim, stability and longitudinal strength. Elements can be hidden/ shown by user's choice.


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