Clearwater Software & System Service GmbH (Ltd.) was founded 1996 by Dipl. Ing. Jens Fettkenheuer. During the late 80s at his time as ship's officer (german masters license AG) Mr. Fettkenheuer was unsatisified with the Software tools and ship loading software on board the vessels. Even later at the 90s the situation did not became better and the software on market did not fullfilled all requirements. Already at this time the development of a DOS- based loading program was started.

After examining the market and finding the loading program, named "Cargo Assistant", competitive, contact and relationship with the first primary customer was established. After a short period the development of a new Windows- based version of the program was started. New features, demanded by user, have been implemented and the demand for the new version significantly increased. The software fullfills nearly every range in relation to container cargo planning and ship loading. We are sure the dangerous goods module is one of the most comprehensive available on marked performing true checking considering any regulations of the IMDG- code. Our relationship with "Flashpoint Gefahrgutberatung" (DG- Consultant) in Hamburg helps to improve the DG- module and to keep it at state of the art level.

Program features requested by our customers will become implemented as long as they are not specialized to a single customers demand and usable for other companies also free of charge. Of course requests for tailored implementations of features for individual purposes will not beeing rejected.

From 1997 until 2001 we exclusively served the Peter Döhle Schiffahrts KG with our DOS- based version of the ship loading program. Since 2001 the Windows- version is on marked and we started to sell the "Cargo Assistant/II" to other shipping companies. Until nowadays without marketing or advertisement the number of licenses sold (>300) have been increased and our Cargo Assistant ship loading program is in use or has been sold to:

  • Peter Döhle Schiffahrts KG
  • Reederei Blue Star
  • Reederei Rudolf Schepers
  • Burger Bereederungs Contor (BBC)
  • Safmarine
  • Kvaerner Warnow Shipyard
  • Stocznia Szczecinca Shipyard
  • Maersk Container Lines, London
  • Reederei Erwin Strahlmann
  • Carisbrooke Shipping
  • Reederei Rambow
  • GHS Global Hanseatic Shipping
  • Peters- Schiffbau GmbH
  • Jan und Dieter Winter Bereederungs GbR
  • Dania Marine

and more ...

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